Tuesday, Feb 9th.

I feel really bad tonight. I shouted at my baby a few times while getting her ready for bed. My tiredness is not a valid reason to go off the way I did. But, as I promised myself last week, I will learn & move on from and not dwell too much on the bad stuff and look for/focus on the good stuff.

  • My baby’s resourcefulness amazes me. While cooking tonight, I heard something fall off a shelf. Because my husband is sick and can’t be near her, I had to leave the kitchen to check on Isla. I found her by the TV stand, the old video player under the TV was on the floor, along with some Wii CDs. Her busy/activity table was right next to the TV stand. I was surprised to find it there, when I placed it many tiny steps away from the TV. My husband told me she used the table as a walker to get near the TV. Hahaha! Too cute!
  • For the first time, I made spaghetti alla carbonara and I NAILED IT! I don’t know why I never tried making one, until today. It’s an easy recipe!

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