Welcoming the birthday weekend

Today begins our 3-day weekend. Today we begin celebrating our baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I can’t believe that this funny, sweet, curious, happy baby (nay, a toddler!) started out as a tiny creature growing in my belly. She used to fit comfortably on one arm. She used to just lie on her tummy on her papa’s tummy for her naps. She used to just spend her days eating and sleeping, and when she’s awake she’d just stare at me or a nearby toy.

Now, we’re starting to chase after her as she makes her way around the house, grabbing or pulling on whatever catches her fancy and drops it on the floor, like an old VCR player under the TV stand.

I’m so excited to see how she’ll grow, to find out what her interests are, to watch her learn skills that seem mundane to us adults. And with all that excitement comes anxiety and nostalgia.

Oh this parenting! It’s all at once confusing, heartwarming, satisfying and anxiety-filled.

I guess for right now I’ll focus on what we’re doing today. One day at a time, I’m always told.

So I will do just that.


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