Happy we-became-parents day!

The three of us spent 3 full days together. It was AWESOME.

We celebrated our baby’s first birthday. It’s also the (what I called) “We-became-parents” day. Haha!

Saturday, Feb 20. We spent the day in the mall. We had a delicious lunch at the food court. We strolled with arms linked. We bought Isla her first jewelry. We shared Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar nuggets. And I bought 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Haha! The real agenda for the day was our baby’s first birthday photo shoot. It was A LOT of fun! I can’t decide on a favorite photo, though. So difficult! Haha!


Sunday, Feb 21. I was given an opportunity to serve as lector for the third time in a row. After mass, we headed to the nearest Shake Shack for lunch (yum!). We did some window shopping in the complex and then went home to play some more.

Monday, Feb 22. Isla’s birthday. We went to church for the mass we offered in her name. Right after mass, our pastor gave a special blessing for our darling girl, and also blessed the jewelry we bought for her. For lunch, we feasted on Japanese dishes. We had tempura, sukiyaki and sushi. We ordered chicken yakitori appetizer for Isla, but she fell asleep when the server brought our food haha! Before dinner, I decorated her home-made red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and prepared baked spaghetti.

Spending three days together is a perfect way to celebrate the day our child was born and made us parents. I realize now that it didn’t matter if we went away for a short vacation or threw an elaborate party to celebrate it. We’re together.

That’s all that matters.


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