March Madness. Literally.

I love my boss. Seriously. I love that she works with me to make sure I’m able to fulfill my responsibilities in the office and at home. I love that she wants the best for me. She has been championing my promotion since the start of the performance year. I love that she makes sure I get enough opportunity to make that promotion happen.

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been attending various meetings and trainings (by telecommuting) for a new project that is VERY visible to management within our company and our client. It’s a HUGE opportunity for me, not only to make my portfolio look good but also to develop current skills and learn new ones. I love it, and I love the rush.

Last week was extra challenging, though, with just two of us in the team available. We had help from offshore for about 4hrs in the morning, which is just about the time I spend for the new project. But, still, escalations and other important things that need to be clarified go to me. And I have to take care and entertain our baby. It was a crazy week. And I’m glad we got through it pretty well.

I’m sitting here today by myself in Starbucks with a tall caffΓ¨ latte thinking how the next three months will go. At the same time, I’m planning our baby’s first birthday party on April 2, and thinking of staying here longer at the shop for more alone-time, and also thinking I need to go home and finishes our taxes while our baby is asleep, and secretly wishing she’s awake when I arrive home so we can play.

Ah. When will my multi-tasking stop?

I guess never.

But for now, for the next 15 minutes (ok 10. Ok 5. Ok 3!) I will think about nothing but how hot this drink is and how it just burned my tongue.


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