I need my sanity pills!

My previous post talked about how crazy this month is for me. It’s almost the end of the month, and it is getting crazier!

My little girl is suddenly too clingy. I used to be able to work while she had lunch in her seat, or while she played on the floor, as long as I was within her reach. Since Monday this week, she kicks my hand away from laptop whenever I nurse her. She screams when we’re having lunch and I’m working at the same time. She spends less than 5 minutes with her toys and then comes back to me with her face contorted in utter sadness, whimpering and/or crying. Sometimes she makes the crying sound but doesn’t really cry. I give her the boob when real tears flow. And when she’s done, she goes down on the floor and crawls to reach her toy. When she heard me typing, she comes back to me whimpering again.

Her clinginess is cute, but when I have 3 meetings in the morning and two in the afternoon, it’s not cute. It’s tiring and stressful. I think my baby and I spent 5 minutes crying while I carried her and I was on mute during a meeting with a client (thankfully, I wasn’t facilitating it).

I hope this phase doesn’t last long. I’m expecting to facilitate meetings with different clients in North America soon (I don’t know when), and I hope I get to do that effectively. I want to be on top of all this work, and at the same time be a great mother to our little Isla, too.

Special shoutout to my loving and supportive Edward who does all that he can to make me feel better. I love you.


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