And the madness continues

It’s Good Friday, and I spent a good amount of time cussing. I didn’t even realize I was cussing until my husband pointed it out. I’m truly sorry I was doing that.

With Isla’s first birthday celebration coming (April 2!), I’m cramming to get all the materials/props in time. Had to call for help, and I was blessed that my sister-in-law found the perfect Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. At 10 PM tonight, I crossed that one last and crucial item off my list. YEY! (Yes, the mouse ears were more crucial than the cake. Coz ordering theย cake was easy LOL!)

And then there’s the matter of getting EEEEEEVERYTHING in the house in order. AND CLEAN. My in-laws and some of Isla’s cousins will arrive on Monday, but the house is still A MESS. I planned to start organizing on Monday March 21st, but work was intense and Isla was very clingy this week. So nothing got done at the end of the day. I managed to clean the basement and wash the sheets after dinner, but there’s still more to do.

The stress is just too much! My husband has offered to do his share, but we can’t really do much cleaning/organizing at the same time. Someone has to stay with Isla in the same room, either to entertain her and make sure she’s safe, or to put her to sleep (and stay with her while she’s sleeping; otherwise she’ll wake up sooner than you expected).

So there. March Madness continues.


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