Mouse ears

So March is over. And the madness?

Well, I’m happy to say that I’m slowly adjusting to my new role at work (on top of my current role). It also doesn’t hurt that my in-laws are back, so someone else will be doing the cooking (except when my MIL is not feeling well).

It’s 7:47 AM as I’m writing this, on a Saturday. I’ve been up since 2 hours ago. Today at lunch, we’re celebrating our little girl’s first birthday at a hibachi restaurant (I had to squeeze in a few more props for the party) Some of her cousins and aunt and uncle flew in. We have other relatives and friends coming to celebrate with us, too.

It was difficult to find a theme for her birthday because she doesn’t have an affinity for specific cartoon or book characters yet. She does have a favorite book (“Guess How Much I Love You”) but executing that theme is difficult. One of her godfathers gave her a Minnie Mouse dress (with the mouse ears headband) when we celebrated her baptism last year, and she dressed up as Minnie for Halloween and also for her photo shoot. So I might as well work on that theme. Yeah, it’s kind of a no-brainer (it really is easy to execute!), but who doesn’t know and love Minnie, right?! Haha!

So today at 12:30 PM, we will have lunch at a hibachi restaurant wearing mouse ears. With only 4 other kids coming, I’m sure the photos will be fun!


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