Our family went to LA to celebrate the wedding of my husband’s cousin, and we made a vacation out of it. It was an epic celebration, because all of my mother-in-law’s siblings came to LA from the Philippines! Some of the kids were there, too.

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This was our first long trip as a family, Isla’s first plane ride, my and Isla’s first time in LA and at Disneyland (or any Disney park for that matter) and Universal Studios Hollywood. The trip felt like a blur, but there were moments that stuck with me:

  1. “It’s a small world” ride at Disneyland. Oh the amusement and awe on her face (and probably mine, too!)
  2. The lights show at Disneyland. She slept through it, but this mama ENJOYED IT A LOT!
  3. The Mummy Returns, Transformers, Jurassic Park and Forbidden Journey rides at Universal Studios.
  4. The Chinese Theatre and the footprints/handprints/signatures of some of our favorite stars.

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Travelling with a baby is both fun and tiring, especially when there’s a timezone difference. Dinnertime in LA is bedtime for her in NYC, so it was a challenge for us. And she’s at that age when she’s very wary of strangers, so she’s almost always in my arms or her papa’s. Our relatives were probably expecting the smiling and lively Isla that appeared in photos and videos in Facebook, but they didn’t quite see that side of her in person. It’s understandable, with all 40+ new people wanting to hold her and cuddle her. Hehe. I just made sure she’s comfortable (not too warm in LA’s weather) and not too overwhelmed with so many new people and things around her (breastfeeding helped A LOT).

The airport run at JFK was a bit difficult for us. We brought her carseat and stroller, which we decided to gate-check. So my husband was lugging them around. Wearing Isla in our Lillebaby helped me become useful going through security checks, but we still felt a bit rushed. The airport run at LAX was easier, since we had a better idea how to handle everything (experience is always a great teacher).

The JFK-LAX plane ride was very relaxing. She slept for about 3 hours, which left only 2hours to keep her entertained. She didn’t cry or scream in frustration during those 2 hours she was awake. And a few minutes before landing, she fell asleep again. Maybe the departure time of 7:30AM EST helped. The LAX-JFK plane ride was a different story. Our flight was at 3:45 PM PST. That’s pretty much nearly dinnertime in NYC. She slept only an hour on the plane. All tricks were out of the bag. They helped for a while, and then we had to be creative. I have to thank the flight attendants on that jetBlue flight. They made sure everyone was taken care of, including my daughter. They kept coming back to us to ask if there was something I needed for our daughter.

All in all, we enjoyed the trip to LA. Isla enjoyed going around, too, except when it’s bedtime. My husband and I have been talking about moving to LA since that trip. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see.


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