Race for the Cure

I’m a proud member of the Hogwarts Running Club (yes, it’s a real group!) and I participated in all the virtual runs they organized since start of 2016 (and plan to participate in future races). The beauty of virtual runs/races is I can complete the distance and earn the medals anytime and anywhere, and I don’t have to be up before 6AM to be at the starting line.

When the company I work with sent out an email about the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure, I immediately decided I want that race to be my first IRL (in real life) race. We have women in our families who have won the battle against it, and women who have succumbed to the disease and are now our angels from heaven. I personally went through the fear and anxiety of finding out that the doctors found masses on my right breast twice, and I feel lucky that they turned out benign.

Medical technology has advanced so much over the last few decades. Detecting breast cancer is easier today than before. Treating breast cancer is difficult, but possible. The sad reality is not everyone has access to these tests and treatments.

There are various organizations who help raise funds for cancer research AND to make these medical technology advancements accessible to those who can’t afford them through different activities/events. The Race For The Cure happening on September 10 in Central Park is one of those ways.

I signed up a week ago to run 5k (3.1mi) on September 10. I’m excited to participate in an IRL race again after close to 10 years! I get to test my endurance and see how I will compare to other runners. More importantly, I have the opportunity to support a good cause.

So now I’m humbly asking for your support in this worthy cause. Can you help me raise funds to put an end to breast cancer? You may visit my race page to donate securely online. If you’re a runner, too, and in NYC in September, you may want to sign up and join. And please don’t hesitate to spread the word by sharing the link in your social media.

Together, we WILL create more survivors.



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