Changing tones

I was in line at a cashier in Rite Aid a few days ago, and this young woman behind me was talking to a young guy.

I didn’t eavesdrop (not really!). My focus wasn’t on what they were talking about but on the tone of their voices while they were talking. I could tell they weren’t boyfriend-girlfriend. I was smiling a little when I heard that familiar flirty tone.

I know you know what I mean! Don’t deny it. You may or may not admit it, but you’ve used that tone before. I know I did. And I still sometimes do when I’m all lovey-dovey with the husband. LOL!

Looking back, I thought of the many different tones I’ve used over the years. If you were within earshot, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to tell if I was talking with someone I’m friends with, with an authority figure, with someone I loathe, or if I was not kidding around.

It’s funny that our little girl, although she still speaks gibberish, is very animated (just like her mama). The tone of her voice changes in a few seconds. I wish I could understand her already. Oh the many stories we’d share, whether true or make-believe.



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