Training Day 3: Race for the Cure

Day 3 of training was on a Saturday. I thought it was a brilliant idea to start the day with a 5K run. So after preparing my little girl’s breakfast, I went out to run.

Without eating or drinking any form of energy-booster.

The brilliant idea would have been that if I ate or drank something, or at least brought something with me to munch on while running. The surprising thing was I finished the distance about 25 seconds faster than Day 2! It wasn’t my fastest mile, but it was my fastest 5K to date.

Even though I finished faster than ever, I don’t recommend working out first thing in the morning without any form of energy-booster. It’s not worth it, and I may have hurt myself (thankfully I didn’t fall or faint!) If I plan to do this again on a weekend, I’m going to eat maybe half a banana 30 minutes before the run, and/or bring an energy bar with me to munch on.


If you’d like to support the Race For The Cure  by donating, please visit my Race Page Every dollar will go a long way to raise funds to deliver food to women in treatment, offer transportation to chemo, provide screenings, and help fund more research to find cures.

If you want to support by joining the run on September 10th in Central Park in New York City, please visit to register.


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