Training Day 4: Race for the Cure

I completed Day 4 training on Aug 3rd, and it was AWESOME! I’ve cut my Day 1 training time down by about 7 minutes!! Maybe after 3 or 4 more sessions I’ll be able to achieve my goal of completing 5K in 30 minutes. I AM SO EXCITED TO FIND OUT!

When I started running again this year, I decided not to wear earphones or a headset to listen to music or an audio book. It felt strange, at first, but I slowly enjoyed being alone with my thoughts. In fact, it was therapeutic, and I felt secured somehow. I’m able to pay attention to everything around me, from pet owners with their dogs, men mounted on bicycles (for some reason I didn’t come across women on bikes), to various vehicles cruising at more than the speed limit of 25mph.

Curious as to what I think about while running 5K?

  • I need to fold the clean clothes.
  • Did I miss to do something for work before I logged off?
  • I wonder what Isla is doing right now.
  • Ooh nearly 2mi and I haven’t spent 30 minutes yet!
  • Woooh! Feels so good!
  • Oh no. I think my ankle hurts. NOPE! Mind over matter!
  • Should I turn on the next block? Maybe not. On to the next block!
  • Ooh a Pokestop!
  • 0.8 mi leeeeft!
  • GO! GO! GO! 0.3mi more!


If you’d like to support the Race For The Cure  by donating, please visit my Race Page Every dollar will go a long way to raise funds to deliver food to women in treatment, offer transportation to chemo, provide screenings, and help fund more research to find cures.

If you want to support by joining the run on September 10th in Central Park in New York City, please visit to register.


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