Training Day 5: Race for the Cure

I felt sluggish on Day 5. After the Aug 3rd training, I slacked off and didn’t do any form of exercise. So when I went out on Aug 8th, I had a hard time completing the 5k. It was my fastest 1 mile, at 10:53, though. But my overall time of 39:41 was about a minute greater than Day 4 of training. Training day lesson: Don’t let more than two days go by without any form of exercise, whether running or strength training or yoga.

Besides completing the 5k before the 40-minute mark despite struggling through it, one thing I enjoyed about this training day was the new pair of shoes I used. We found this Under Armour pair last weekend in Marshalls at less than $30! With that price AND THOSE PRETTY COLORS, I couldn’t resist! It felt a little roomy for my feet when I started running, but it didn’t come off at the heel. I did find out yesterday that feet usually swell a bit while running, so going up a half size or one full size for running is okay. I think I was used to my snug-fit Nike. I have a few more days of training until September 10th. I have enough time to get used to it.

If you’d like to support the Race For The Cure  by donating, please visit my Race Page Every dollar will go a long way to raise funds to deliver food to women in treatment, offer transportation to chemo, provide screenings, and help fund more research to find cures.

If you want to support by joining the run on September 10th in Central Park in New York City, please visit to register.


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