Mom down! Mom down!

And, just like that, training for Race For The Cure is put on hold.

I woke up this morning feeling feverish, and with a stuffy nose and feeling pain when swallowing. I decided to take a day off from work to focus on taking care of myself and our baby. Adding work to the mix in my state will drive me crazy.

I have less than a month until the race. I can’t help thinking of my goal of completing the 5k in 30minutes. BUT I know I need a strong and healthy body to complete the distance, regardless of how long it will take me. So I will focus on taking care of my sick self and get stronger.

Another hurdle to overcome!

If you’d like to support the Race For The Cure  by donating, please visit my Race Page Every dollar will go a long way to raise funds to deliver food to women in treatment, offer transportation to chemo, provide screenings, and help fund more research to find cures.

If you want to support by joining the run on September 10th in Central Park in New York City, please visit to register.


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