Getting to know succulents

I researched and read gardening blogs. I joined the Hogwarts Running Club’s Herbology (gardening) group Neville’s Nook and sought advice, to better equip myself with enough knowledge to propagate succulents.

Tonight, after dinner, I started to propagate the nearly 1-year old succulent I neglected for months. This was how the succulent looked in September 2015, when we received it in its small pot during the wedding of my cousin. Eleven months later, it looks weak. But I hope it will stay alive and thrive. One of the leaves already grew a new set of tiny rosettes, with a few strands of long roots. The roots have been covered with soil. Hopefully they keep growing.

I think the original stem is a bit tall. I already cut off a part of the top, to separate the new set of rosettes. I’m too scared to keep cutting.

Please live, little succulent! I’m going to take better care of you now!


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