Bullet Journal: How it’s saving my ass

I first heard about Bullet Journal from one of my friends’ Instagram post. I thought it took too much work. But after reading about this technique, I realized that I can use it without a lot of colored pens. LOL!

I started doing it in the first week of September, utilizing the Future Log, Monthly Log, and Daily Log modules. I won’t tell you how to do it because you may read all about the Bullet Journal system in bulletjournal.com. But trust me when I tell you that it is saving my ass from constantly feeling overwhelmed, and cranky (resulting from feeling that I didn’t accomplish anything throughout the day).

Less than a week after using the Bullet Journal system, I realized that my head has been cluttered with so many tasks that I needed to complete, not knowing that most of them were tasks that I didn’t need to worry about right away. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed multiple times by things that I felt I needed to do, and it turned out that what I needed was to learn to prioritize. Sounds easy, right? For someone like me, I realized it was difficult to prioritize if I didn’t see everything laid out in front of me. This system enabled me to see the whole picture without the clutter of regular journaling. Now in my third week of using the system, my daily tasks have dwindled from at least 10 to up to 5. Writing down things that I thought of doing and prioritizing them also helped me fall asleep quicker and better. Tossing and turning before bed has significantly decreased. It has kept me happier and sane. LOL!


PS: This is not a sponsored post.


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