M&BATC: Mama & Baby and the City

Friends from Manila were in NYC for vacation, and we agreed to meet in Grand Central Terminal for dessert and gossip after Labor Day. I anticipated the long commute alone with our nearly-19-lb baby, so I put all the things she needed and my essentials in a backpack diaper bag (which was actually a gift for my sister who’ll give birth in January, and now I have to buy a new one for her LOL!), got her lightweight stroller, and strapped her in a hip-carry position in our baby carrier.

I FELT LIKE SUPERWOMAN. A puffing and panting Superwoman. HAHA!


I wore her the moment we went out of the house until we got off the subway. That meant a lot of walking, climbing that one step into the bus headed to the subway station, going down flights of stairs to ride the subway train, and going up flights of stairs to exit the subway on Bryant Park. Oh, did I mention I wore the backpack diaper bag and carried the stroller, too? Well, I didn’t really carry it; it was more like dragging the stroller by letting the back tires roll along the pavement/ground as I walked.

Contrary to how most of the world perceive New Yorkers, there were people who offered to help me carry something (I declined politely). And one guy gave me directions even before I could ask. He probably heard me talking to Isla about why I needed to strap her in the stroller (“I can’t wear you while walking three avenues, darling.”) We took a detour in one of my favorite buildings, The New York Public Library, before heading to Grand Central Terminal. Even though I was panting from carrying everything for about an hour, I enjoyed taking her to Manhattan. She enjoyed the trip, too, seeing so many people and hearing so many different sounds. My husband met us after he got off work, and I’ve never felt so relieved that he was there. We took my friends to Times Square and window-shopped a bit (they did actual shopping), before parting ways with one of my friends in front of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon marquee. Before heading home, we took one friend to the LOVE sculpture and took lots of photos. Isla was awake the whole time, and only fell asleep when it was just me and her Papa with her in the bus that took us from the subway station to the stop near our home.

Going around Manhattan with a baby sounds easy but it isn’t. Just thinking about it makes me tired (LOL!), but that won’t stop me from taking her to the City every now and then. After all, this is her life.

Out little Filipina New Yorker.


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