Sexist and you don’t know it

You’ve heard of how sexism is prevalent in our society, but it’s different when you experience or hear it firsthand. Other people are intentionally sexist, but I think it’s sadder when someone doesn’t even realize he or she is being a sexist. I think that goes to show how sexism is deeply ingrained in us.

Sample scenario: While talking about a future sibling for Isla, someone says he hopes it’s a boy so that he can learn (insert sport involving a ball, like basketball or tennis).

My immediate reaction: Hey, Isla can learn that, too.

Well. It’s true! Whatever she wants to learn, she can. She’s a human being with a functioning brain and, as far as I can tell, a strong physique. She can certainly learn anything she puts her mind and heart into, and she can excel in them.

I admit, I’m guilty of sexism at times, too. And I beat myself up when I catch myself stereotyping women or men. But I do hope that our daughter (and our other kids in the future) understand that their gender will never define what they can do.


3 thoughts on “Sexist and you don’t know it

  1. I agree with you. Sexism has been indulged so deep in our societies and cultures that those who stand against the biases of gender tend to possess varying thoughts, opinions or practices unconsciously. Maybe our minds have become immune of certain things.
    Similarly, I have caught myself in likewise situations as well. But I am glad that the moment we realize it, we be conscious about them little things, too, onwards.
    Thanks for sharing a meaningful post. πŸ‘


    1. Another funny/sad thing is I sometimes am gender bias against myself! For example, when I try to do something that, by society’s standard, is a man’s job, I doubt myself coz it’s supposed to be a man’s job. It does take a lot of effort to change my mindset about gender roles, and I hope that self-awareness will help me get rid of those gender bias and impart the same self-awareness to my daughter.


      1. I can understand. Gender roles defined by society are being practiced since decades. We like it or not, it exists in our minds too, even if we degrade gender biases and all relevant stereotypes. We tend to have opinion about things, even unconsciously, that turn out to be biased in nature and we often realize later about it.
        The good news is that getting rid of gender biased mindset is not impossible. I wish you best of luck with fighting the deep rooted biases of gender in our societies which sadly includes us as well.


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