Who am I?


I’m Issang Geocaniga Gutierrez, a Filipino immigrant in New York City who’s constantly adjusting to the many surprises that come my way.

I became a work-at-home wife and mother here in NYC. So besides adjusting to a life in a foreign country, I find myself adjusting to my grown-up roles and balancing my personal and work lives. It’s tough, especially when I make mistakes. I’m too hard on myself. I can’t help it.

As of this writing (November 2015), I’ve had this blog for about three years. I didn’t really think it through when I created this, so it was a site filled with whatever came to my mind. No real structure. Inspired by a friend’s blog who talks about her passions, I started contemplating on what I’m passionate about these last few years because this blog needed an overhaul.

I’d like to say I’m passionate about reading, but I haven’t spent enough time reading books or catching up on new books this year. I’d like to say I’m passionate about movies or music, but I know I’d be lying. Traveling? I haven’t explored the world (yet).

When I reflect on it, I realize that what I’m passionate about is family – all of its ups and downs and the in-betweens.

If you’re reading this, welcome! I hope you laugh with me and learn something with me, too, as I share milestones and mishaps along the way.



4 thoughts on “Who am I?

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